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Currently dealing with pain and wondering about the CBD cream benefits? Does it actually work? How does it work?

I’ve talked with many of you who wish you could take CBD oil, but still feel nervous about it due to a job or sports testing concerns. And no one wants any risks with that, so perhaps CBD sports cream is an alternative with benefits!

Does CBD Cream actually work?

Yes, they can provide immediate pain relief. But topical creams in general are not meant to treat the underlying condition.

A study in the Journal of Pain Research, showed that topical CBD could help with the prevention of pain breakthrough (basically it could reduce pain!).

While there are not yet a ton of studies on CBD only creams, there are plenty to support the use of topicals and CBD provides additional benefits by working with our natural hormones.

But let’s back up and get a better idea of how topical pain relief creams work.

  • Active medicine can penetrate the skin and provide localized relief
  • It allows you to avoid pill swallowing or digestion of a medication causing stomach issues
  • Menthol in many sports creams provides a cooling sensation, which helps to desensitize the nerves and provide pain relief
  • Arnica may reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and heal bruising according to some studies
  • Eucalyptus creates a cold or warm sensation that again distracts the signals of pain to the brain
  • CBD works to increase your natural endocannabinoids, decreasing your inflammatory response

The highlighted items above are in the CBD sports cream that I recommend and in many other topicals that you’ll find.

BONUS: Muscle Relaxation

One of the reasons that I like a topical is to help relieve muscle soreness after a big workout or I often use CBD for cramps. When it comes to sore muscles we don’t need the menthol smell, and instead and get some pretty amazing LOTIONS.

Read on!

Best CBD topical for athletes

Lotions and creams do not enter the bloodstream, instead they have a localized effect.

This is why I like using CBD oil at night for a full body effect and a cream to help boost healing in a certain area. I think they work best together, but even alone they provide benefits.

✳️Personally, I only use and only recommend Resilience CBD.

In fact, I talk about it so often that folks often as if I have a discount code and I do: AMANDA20.

  • Third Party Lab Tested and Verified (this is MASSIVE)
  • It’s actually CBD. Hemp oil for knee pain is not the same as CBD Oil and you need to be aware of that when buying!
  • GMO-Free
  • Accurate labeling, so you know exactly what dosage is in the products
  • USA based and Veteran Owned

CBD Lotions

The Lemongrass CBD body lotion is my personal favorite because it just smells lovely, but also because lemongrass oil has long been on my usage list for helping to relax tight muscles.

After traveling it feels amazing or just after a long run when I don’t hurt, but I’m tight.

This one is also 100% THC free for those who have any concerns at all.CBD Sports Cream Benefits

CBD Sports Cream

When I do have an area that’s feeling uncomfortable, it’s time to lather on the Resilience sports cream.

What’s amazing about the addition of CBD is it doesn’t just mask the pain with a tingle, it actually helps it to GO AWAY due to those cannabinoid receptors we talked about.

And there are a number of studies coming together which show it could prevent the pain from coming back through slowing down inflammation, which is going to mean faster healing.

  • Remember post workout soreness is a good. That’s the body breaking down and repairing, so try not to use creams or even turmeric right after a workout. Wait a few hours.
  • Use it to help with muscle strains
  • Prior to a big workout it can provide those cooling sensations that help give your legs a little pep (I loved this over the summer combined with my compression pants for running)

All right there is your break down!

I hoped this helped to answer some of your questions, but as always if you have more just let me know!

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