Mastering Lunch Run: 15 Minute Sweat to Work Plan

Not only is the lunch run (aka. runch) a great break for your brain, but it could be when you’re primed for a speedy run.

Your body will have warmed up, ensuring that you aren’t running on tight stiff muscles, reaction times are better, testosterone is peaking, your heart rate and blood pressure are at their lowest as well.

All of that means you could make more gains from a strength session, like hill running, or find yourself hitting better speed workouts at the track.

Added bonus that you won’t have to hustle for a spot in SoulCycle or fight for a treadmill.

Lunch Run Tips

Afraid your boss won’t be on board? Share with them why runners make the best employees!

But how do you run at lunch?

When I worked in an office, I maximized that hour:

  • 5 minutes to change (keep a bag with things under your desk)
  • 5 minutes to warm up
  • 30-40 minutes to run (a great time to do intervals or fartleks or hills)
  • 10 minutes to clean up and get back to work (eating lunch while working)

A couple of key things to make sure you can nail a workout over lunch.

  • Try having a mid-morning snack to make sure you have plenty of energy
  • Stay focused on the goal for today’s workout
  • Have a bag planned in advance with all gear and food

Then use these tricks to maximize your workout time, while getting back to work feeling fresh.

Getting ready quickly after a workout

This is my 5 step super fast plan to get you from sweaty lunch run back to work.

Trust me, your co-workers will get used to all this as long as you don’t come back with an odor on the daily. I can tell you over years of doing this, that what happened most often was someone asking if they could go with me.

So stop worrying about their opinions and take advantage of that lunch run.

Step 1: Shower?

Some of you might opt to skip the shower, but this girl glistens and I guarantee you’ll feel just a little more comfortable the rest of the day after a rinse.

Now is not the time to shave your legs and do massive grooming.

No, no my friends, tie your hair up or don a beautiful shower cap and focus on your body.

While in the shower, also scrub with a facial cleanser to remove any remaining dirt and keep your skin blemish free, making the makeup part faster than ever!

Get moving, no soaking up that hot water right now.

Running during lunch break without a shower?

Been there, done that too!

  • Wash your face to keep breakouts at bay (seriously it’s how you prevent workout acne)
  • Use body wipes to clean the rest of you down
  • Keep deodorant in your bag
  • Get back to work and plan for a shower at home later

Read on for what to do with your hair ladies.

Step 2: Hair

Getting ready quickly after a lunch workout, means no washing, drying, curling.

Did you know it’s actually better not to wash your hair every day? That leads to breakage and damage, so tada another reason not to spend your lunch run washing your hair!

A few things that can help:

  • Braids before the workout, perfect for the run and then done.
  • Rock the top knot, luckily messy styled hair is in right now.
  • Dry shampoo is one of the best inventions ever and will soak up any greasy looking spots.
  • Snag a hat if it’s casual Friday.

Step 3: Make Up

Granted I’m a girl who is pretty low key with make up, but just a few quick things can have you feeling put together.

  • Keep it to the basics – eye liner and mascara will brighten and open your eyes.
  • Some swear by waterproof mascara, eliminating the need to reapply post workout.
  • You’ll already be glowing from the workout so no need for extra bronzer
  • Grab a bright lip for some serious color or stick to lip gloss if your outfit is really the boss of the day.

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Step 4: Clothing

Now is not the time to be pondering whether the new baby blue shirt makes your hair look blonder or the long tunic is too blousy.

Select your outfit the night before and put it on. Trust me, no matter what your brain says, if it looked good yesterday it looks good today too.

Other tips:

  • Lightweight fabrics or linen are good in the summer to allow you to keep cooling
  • Cold showers will help slow the potential sweat issues
  • Keep a couple pieces of chunky jewelry in your bag if you need to dress things up
  • Rock Vogues rules for turning your workout gear into street clothes

Make workout gear stylish

Step 5: Refuel

Let’s be honest part of my get ready plan is the food I’ll be eating on the way from workout to working.

My bags are always stocked with bars and an apple because they travel well!

I won’t rehash all the post workout ideas because I’ve dug into ideal post workout food here >>

15 minutes. Showered. Ready. On the way.

You’re a runner, you’ve got this. Just don’t move so fast you skip the deodorant.

Bonus tip: don’t you dare pick up that iPhone for your mirror selfie, it will derail the entire process as you edit, post and then start checking everyone elses Instagrams.

How often do you do lunch runs?

Can you get ready in a flash?

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