50+ Funny & Motivational Race Signs

Nothing about being a race spectator is easy. The credit usually goes to those on the course, but a lot has to be said for the friends, family and volunteers who get up at dark o’ thirty to stand around for hours. Here are some marathon race sign ideas to make that process a tad easier.

Thank you dear spectators.

They wait patiently.
They scan the runners for ages wondering where you are.
And they worry, they fret, they clap til their hands are raw.
They shout, they jump, they high five.

50+ Funny & Motivational Race Signs | Marathon Posters & Banners

Ok maybe I’m only describing the really great spectators, but the truth is those really wonderful spectators can give a great big boost to runners having a tough day, shooting for a PR or just out to enjoy the course.

Have someone coming out for the first time to cheer you on?

So here are a few things that help both spectator and runner have more fun.

Show Up

This may sound obvious, but the truth is a lot of us talk a big game about coming out to cheer and then…’s REALLY EARLY or cold or dark or wet and we don’t. Your runner

Be Visible

As we are running by scanning the crowds it’s hard to find your faces, but we desperately want to!! So try wearing a super bright shirt, holding a massive foam finger, a Dora the Explorer balloon. This way if we see you before you see us then we can start to hoot and holler {assuming that energy remains}.

Post Race

Coordinate the post race meet up. We might be too nervous or too focused on the race to tell you where to meet us. Check out the finish line map and then remind us a few times where you’ll be.

Race Signs

Yes we love them, chuckle at them and are entirely motivated by those pieces of cardboard no matter how pretty or ugly. If you are in need of some race sign ideas here are a few by category!


We could all use a good laugh as we near the final miles of a race, so feel free to make us laugh.race sign ideas - click for 50 more from hilarious to motivational

  • You thought they said RUM didn’t you?
  • Smile you paid for this
  • Smile this might be on YouTube
  • High five if you love running
  • You look HOT
  • On a scale of 1-10, you’re a 13.1
  • Smile if you’re not wearing underwear
  • Your pace or mine?
  • If it were easy, I would do it!
  • No one ever died drowning in sweat!
  • Chuck Norris never ran a marathon
  • Pain is temporary; race results are online forever
  • You’re running better than the government
  • Stop reading, start running
  • May the course be with you
  • You think you’re tired, my arms are killing me
  • Don’t Stop! People are watching!
  • It’s just a hill — get over it.
  • Worst parade ever
  • The Kenyans are already done
  • Because 26.3 would just be crazy!
  • If you think this hard, try dating you
  • Toenails are for losers
  • I see crazy people
  • Run like someone just called you a jogger
  • You’ve Got Great Endurance, Call Me
  • Charlie Sheen called…he’s says you’re WINNING!
  • Run now, wine later
  • Which one of you fartlek’d?
  • If you want a ride home, run faster I am leaving soon
  • I stayed up all night making this sign
  • Stuck between a walk and a hard pace
  • I’m an athletic supporter

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Early on we’re still thinking how bad ass we are for doing this, so feed those egos to keep us going!funny marathon race signs - click for 50 more ideas

  • Your feet hurt because you’re kicking butt.
  • Kick some asphalt
  • If Trump can run you, so can you
  • Pain is temporary, finishing is forever
  • You’re stronger than you think you are
  • Embrace the suck
  • You look hot when you sweat
  • Humpty Dumpty had wall issues too
  • Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Someday you will fail…today is not that day
  • Go random stranger Go!!
  • There is no time limit on 26.2 greatness
  • Running is a mental sport and we’re all insane
  • Less than 1% of Americans have run a marathon. You are one of those 1%.
  • Oh hell, you’ve come this far, may as well finish
  • Run your new weight! 1:50  (loved this weight loss encouragement sign! sorry I didn’t snap a photo while racing!)


Want to really take things to the next level…Marathon race sign ideas - click for 50 more ideas

  • Create a big blow up of their face
  • Get a group of you to dress up (think themes like cowboy or Hawaiian)
  • Blast music because runners can always use it and we love to see you dancing
  • Pass out candy, orange slices or heck beer
  • Create 2 signs: You’re Almost There. That’s what she said.
  • Sidewalk chalk, this keeps your arms free for all that high fiving.More creative ideas for marathon race sign - click for 50 more

If that still wasn’t enough, I came up with 31 more hilarious race sign ideas >>

Need more than just a sign, checkout creative ways to support your runner in training!

What’s the best race sign you’ve ever seen?

Do you pay attention to signs while running?

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