36 Colorado Must Do and See Experiences for the Active and Adventurous

In just a few hours, the sun will rise on my 40th birthday and let’s be honest, doesn’t a birthday like this inspire a must do Colorado adventure list?!

For my 36th, I’ll threw back the covers in a warm Dublin hotel room, kissed that handsome man of mine, downed a slice of bread with almond butter and headed out to…RUN the Rock N Roll Dublin 10k.

It was PHENOMENAL… and yet, still there are so many things right here in my own Colorado backyard that we’ve been taking advantage of this year with travel still feeling more limited.

Colorado Adventure Bucket List

Hopefully, my Colorado Bucket List will inspire a few ideas for you as well.

Instead of another year where I spout off about all the things I’ve learned, making me seem far wiser than I am (though you can certainly read my 34 lessons of adulthood or advice from friends on what they wish they’d known).

40 is about looking forward.

We’ve been in Colorado now since Nov 2015, during that time we’ve explored. We have made killer new friends. We’ve pushed our boundaries. And I have spent a lot of time traveling other places!

With so much going on, it’s easy to fall in to sticking to the trails we know and love, but that’s not why we’re here.

I could just write, hike, run, hike, bike and say it applies to everywhere in Colorado, but there are some specific experiences that I really want to make sure don’t get lost in our shuffle of daily to do’s.Colorado Must Do and See - A bucket list of adventurous ideas

Since creating this list, I’ve actually had the chance to do some of these and so those are linked up in case you want more info on doing them yourself!

  1. Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park
  2. Backpack camping at least once
  3. Soak in the Glenwood Hot Springs
  4. Spot the Big Horned Sheep on a bike ride (many spottings running Waterton Canyon)
  5. Have high tea at The Brown
  6. Snowshoe…a lot more
  7. Cross Country Ski in Vail
  8. Rappelling (did the awesome zipline at the Broadmoor)
  9. SUP yoga
  10. Ride the Royal Gorge Train (we ended up white water rafting instead!)
  11. Climb Manitou Incline
  12. Summit Pikes Peak on foot
  13. Salida rafting or fishing
  14. Concert at Red Rocks (was awesome!!)
  15. Hanging out with friends around the campfire
  16. Ancient pueblos in Mesa Verde (very cool)
  17. Go to a Broncos vs Chiefs game
  18. Spot male Elk bugling for their “harem”
  19. Not encounter rattlesnakes or other deadly animals while running
  20. Kayak the Arkansas River
  21. Running Garden of the Gods (done and not as exciting as expected with so many people)
  22. Hike to Hanging Lake and Ice Lake Basin
  23. Full moon bike ride or hike or run
  24. Running Maroon Bells in wildflowers
  25. Try Snowboarding
  26. Take Ski Lessons
  27. Glamping with girlfriends
  28. Rock Climbing lessons
  29. Ice climbing
  30. Complete a trail race
  31. Checkout dog sledding
  32. Biking from Vail to Frisco
  33. Yoga on the Rocks (super fun experience)
  34. Mount Evans
  35. Concert at Fiddler’s Green
  36. I’m leaving this one open for adventures I don’t yet know about

You might feel like some major Colorado must do’s are missing and that’s because we’ve been busy since we moved here!!

Some we had already checked off and others, I didn’t even realize I needed to put on the list!

Do you purposefully try to explore new places where you live? Do you love where you live? If not, why don’t you move?! I had fun in Florida, but it was never love…so I bid my time, until I knew Mountain Bike Hubby would be excited to move as well.Pikes Peak Colorado

What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

Do you have a bucket list of any kind?

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