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What percentage of running is mental?

We often see memes that say it’s 90% mental, 10% physical.

While I think that’s a bit high (ya gotta do the work!), it’s making an incredible point about mental training for runners being an important piece of training.

  • What do you need to change to run that mile without walking?
  • What needs to shift to believe you an Boston Qualify? Dealing with self doubt
  • How to control your mind during a race?
  • Mental toughness vs mental health, knowing the difference.

It’s about more than the miles.

Though running itself builds mental toughness, this month our focus is on how to improve your mental skills on the run to have a better training cycle and race day.

This is your chance to get training plans, access to 8 running coaches and a supportive training club.

What to expect:

  • LIVE Q&A with me each Thursday – breaking down different tools for your mental training
  • Sports Psychologists and Mindfulness experts jumping in with insights to common injuries
  • Access to the 30 Day Core Challenge (10 minutes a day for injury prevention and core work)
  • Access to the 30 Day Running Form Program
  • Q&A with Coach Cortney Berling a Registered Dietitian
  • Strength Workout videos from Coach Kaitlyn and Coach Amanda E
  • Group accountability and support
  • Organized small group runs are starting to pop up as things open up!!
  • Exclusive Discounts to On Running, InsideTracker, Previnex, Resilience CBD, and more (amounts I can’t share publicly!)


You can cancel your $19.99 membership at anytime, so join us for the month or stay awhile to enjoy ALL of the incredible tools available to you.

Mental Training for Runners

  • How to shut down that negative inner voice on runs
  • How the heck to make visualization actually work
  • What is mindful running
  • Tips and tricks to keep pushing for that big race goal

Additional BONUSES for joining now

  • Free Sub Two Hour Training Plan (usually $17.99)
  • Free First Half Marathon Training Plan
  • Free First Marathon Training Plan
  • Free 4 Week At Home Strength Training Guide with Videos
  • Dynamic warm up follow along videos (no more excuses)

All of this is housed inside my entire Better Runner Blueprint Course.

Guiding you through all the steps of running your best, while staying injury free. (Videos on foot strike, hill running, racing and more.)

Plus, hundreds of runners who get you!! Starting from run/walk and progressing, we know the struggles.


Currently $19.99 per month, price will be increasing as more excellent features are added, but you’ll always remain at that price for joining now.

What happens after Mental Training for Runners?

And of course the club doesn’t stop with just this focus, if you stay with us we’re going to keep rolling with nutrition, low heart rate training and starting to focus on strength training for runners along with a group half marathon focus.

  1. Yes the group is an ongoing monthly fee.
  2. Videos are accessible via the Thinkific platform where you register and the course is hosted
  3. Videos can be watched in any order on any day if you need to move things around
  4. You can cancel your membership at anytime, you aren’t locked in for a set number of months

Coming Up
– Strength Training for Runners Focus
– Group 5K, 10K focus for Fall


What People are Saying About Virtual Run Club

People hitting PR’s, feeling stronger, finding support and motivation in a time when we might be struggling.

group half marathon



After talking on IG Stories about Virtual Run Club you had a lot of awesome questions! Instead of sending out individual messages, I thought it was better to answer them for everyone because someone else is probably wondering too!

What if I am not currently running?
There is no specific running plan that anyone must follow in the group. Instead, this is a place to get answers, find motivation and hopefully help you build back stronger (especially when we bring in experts like Physical Therapists so you can ask questions!).

Are Training Plans Provided?

Customized training plans are part of our personalized coaching options, inside the group it’s a lot more about helping you maximize your training. Inside the group you will have access to some of our standard plans for 5K, 10, Half marathon!

Are there guys in the group?
Yes indeed! While we do have more females than males, we’re continually getting more gentleman to join us because the tactics of training really aren’t gender specific!

Do I need a FB Account?
You can access the course without one, but all the discussions and talks with coaches do happen on our Private Facebook Group.

We definitely have members who have a FB account just to join us there, so you don’t have to make it a public account. I have tested other group chats in the past and this one just works most universally.

Will I be charged monthly?
Yes. It’s a monthly fee to remain in the group with access to all the coaches, experts and guides. However, you are free to cancel at anytime and your price will never increase.

Our running community is about so much more than just race day. We have a bond that others may never quite understand and now is our chance to help support each other when we can’t do it through high fives.


Who’s Running this Show?

Pun fully intended because I love them! If you’re new around here, I’m Amanda Brooks.

Certified running coach and personal trainer since 2012.

Author of thousands of articles about running and the book Run To The Finish, as well as a long time runner myself having covered over 26,000 miles.

I believe in researching everything and staying up to date on the latest information to ensure that you have it too! The 4 additional coaches in the group have been coaching for years, one is an RD, another is an Ultra queen and the other has been training people in person for years.

It’s a combo of resources to answer all your questions.

featured in

I hope you’ll come along for the ride with us because we always achieve more together than alone.

Other ways to connect with Amanda
Instagram Daily Fun: RunToTheFinish

Facebook Community Chatter: RunToTheFinishrunning coach

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