22 No BS Marathon Training Truths

Like most runners, when I started I swore I’d never run a marathon. A mile was a struggle, what crazy person would submit themselves to 26.2?! The truth about running is complicated.

Five years in my friends were all aware of my passion for running…

How I swore it had changed my life
How healthy I felt.
How I enjoyed that quiet time on the roads.

So when dear Jake {my 6 foot 5 football sized friend} decided it was time to cross a marathon off his bucket list, he turned to me with big blue eyes that said “this is what friends do for each other”.

Suddenly, in the dead of Kansas City winter I was running 18 miles in the snow and eating frozen bananas, wearing bright pink knee high socks and shelling out for my first GPS watch {hey this was 2005!}.

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Of course while you’re training other runners focus on the positive and they should!

But a bit like becoming a parent, sometimes it’s nice to get a no BS view point as well.

22 No BS Marathon Training Truths

Today’s post is a little chuckle for us marathon finishers and an honest look for those considering the journey. These may not all hold true for you…but likely will.

  1. You will be bone tired on some Monday’s and still go into work bragging about how great your training is going
  2. You will the week post race declare this is the worst idea you’ve ever had
  3. You will have to shuffle all kinds of plans to get up early on weekends for hours of running
  4. Your significant other will be very, very…very tired of hearing about your training (it’s why blogs like this exist!)
  5. You will suddenly have more foam rollers than underwear {which is cool because all your shorts have built in liners so you need way less}
  6. You’ll always be planning your next meal (especially as runger strikes)
  7. You’ll be confused when you start to gain weight after long runs
  8. You’ll whine to runner friends, who will tell you to put down the cookie
  9. You will develop an inner knowing that you can do hard things
  10. You will overcome every mental barrier you’ve set up (get a coach if you’re still struggling!)
  11. Non-runners will constantly exclaim either: “I could never do that” or “Oh I ran a marathon last weekend“…which you’ll learn means a 5K
  12. You’ll choose work clothes that allow you to slip on compression socks or wear flats
  13. People will ask you if it’s true you go to the bathroom in your pants to save time and various other bizarre questions, which you will have to answer with a smile to show how awesome running is
  14. Checking the weather will become your second job and regardless of what it says, you’ll still run
  15. Questions about your ability to complete 26.2 will be only in your mind
  16. You won’t feel like cross training though everyone says you should
  17. You’ll get injured from not cross training and then find ways to sneak in PT and core work
  18. Running doesn’t have to be so serious, it’s supposed to be fun…not easy, but fun
  19. Time to think will allow you to solve world hunger and then promptly forget the solution when you get home and your bladder needs the bathroom
  20. Runners come in all shapes and sizes and paces. A 70 year-old will pass you, a mom with a jogging stroller will pass you and you’ll realize how amazing it is that they’re out on the roads with you
  21. Fueling with gels will likely give you the trotswhole foods do work or keep trying til you find one that doesn’t upset your stomach
  22. You’ll talk more about bathroom habits than you ever planned (see above runners trots)

A lot of what you just read might sound negative, but it’s not.

It’s truly an incredible journey of learning about yourself, learning to prioritize and maximize your time. You’ll be stronger, prouder and healthier for under taking the journey.

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What would you add to the no BS list for a first timer?

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