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It’s not unusual to finish a run and find my baby hairs have created one heck of a look…which is not great for the gram, but doesn’t really impact my run. That stray piece of hair that keeps tickling my neck or a hair tie that simply won’t stay put is another story!

Great running hairstyles is all about keeping everything locked and loaded despite the strong breeze, the humidity or the bouncing.

We want to stay focused on the miles, not our gear or our hair doing something funky. Plus, who doesn’t love a finish line photo where you still look semi-human!

For all of that today we’re looking how to make our hair work for us.

Best Hairstyles For Running

My dream is to learn how to braid my hair so I can look as lovely as many of my friends….

Strike that I just need someone to do it for me and help me figure out these crazy baby hairs!! This is in fact, why you see me rocking the headband for many, many, runs.

Let’s go through the options with an increasing order of difficulty.

Hair in A Ponytail

Our first step is usually pulling it back in one long ponytail! This works well for those of us with short or medium length hair that won’t have it swinging around too much in front of us.

However, for our longer hair friends this is another running hair style that wins the day.

By pulling through the additional loops, you’ll have less hair flying around in front of you and it looks freaking great!

Top Knot

Blogilates really rocks this style in her workouts.

I’ve found for most runners it needs to turn into more of a tight bun on the top of your head with solid bobby pin support to make sure things stay put while bouncing around.

Here’s a great example of using some pins along the front to hold down those baby hairs and then securing the bun will with pins as well! Don’t be afraid to go while with them.workout topknot

Regular Braid

Anyone else feel a little overwhelmed by the super cool braids? Ya me too, so let’s not downplay the role of the standard braid.

A braid pony is a winning combo for Serena Williams and therefore good enough for me too!!! I do like that this keeps the hair off the nape of the neck, which can help us to feel cooler.

Runner Braid Idea

French Braid

A lot of runners prefer the french braid as they find it’s an easy way to pull in different baby hairs, but more importantly they can often do the braid the night before a big run or race so it’s one less thing to worry about.

If braiding the hair in advance, spray generously with hairspray and make sure you secure a few key areas with bobby pins.

Alice_yuri_ showing off with the double dutch braid, as a perfect run do. (can we all say hair goals?!)

A dutch braid is just a french braid reversed so the hair lays on top of the head, instead of flat against it.Runner Double Braid

Fishtail Braid

In theory a fishtail braid should be easier to do as we’re taking two strands together instead of three.

Here’s a detailed post on how to create a fishtail braid.

Meanwhile, I love this idea from Platesbykel. She finishes with the bun and I like this idea because my braids look thin at the ends. This keeps some nice volume, but everything is still out of my face and off my neck.Runner hair do

And if none of these work then let me introduce you to my favorite tool…

The running hat.

Morning run savior! I don’t need to do anything except slap it on my head and instantly things all look better!

It’s like the dry shampoo of work hair.

Looking for a little more runner beauty tips?

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Best Hairstyles for Running


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