The Best Hoka Walking Shoes for Standing & Walking All Day 2022

I’ve done a bunch of reviews running in Hoka shoes, but there were a lot of questions about walking shoes. One thing many folks may not realize is that I take walks every single day too!

It’s such a great way to break up a day of sitting on the computer and just ensures I get outside to get some fresh air!

One of the reasons that I love Hoka for walking or standing all day is the design of the shoe provides more stability to the foot for leg alignment without sacrificing cushion.

If you’ve had that aching feet feeling after a day of standing around or a long day of walking on vacation, it’s time to make sure you have the right walking shoes.

Is it bad to wear running shoes for walking?

You should absolutely have shoes that are for running and shoes that are for your walks.

The footstrike is different in running than walking. Your heel will absolutely hit first and then roll through the forefoot to push off the ground. In running, your heel might hit first, but it’s super quick before rolling forward and the way your foot rolls likely changes between a quick paced run and a walk.

You also don’t want to break down your running shoe faster than necessary or ingrain a foot pattern that might cause your foot to pronate.

Why are Hoka shoes good for walking?

Walking shoes are often heavier because they focus on arch support and aren’t as focused on creating a breathable shoe as you might find in running. But HOKA is going to provide you with both the support, the lightweight feel and the cushion.

Additionally, while we tend to recommend a lower heel to toe drop for runners, we really like it for walkers.

As noted, your heel will hit first so we don’t want to exaggerate that even farther. Hoka shoes all tend to be in that 4mm-8mm range, which is perfect for enjoying the cushion without a too high heel.

NOTE: If you have Achilles issues, it’s actually better to look for that 12mm height in a more traditional running shoe from Brooks or Asics.

And finally, I’m a fan because most walking shoes have a lot less cushioning and that’s fine as walking it not high impact, but for long days on the feet sometimes it just feels freaking nice!

  • Options for different cushion levels
  • Wider base provides more stability to the foot, preventing knee and low back pain
  • Roomy toe box helps as the foot swells to prevent blisters or hot spots
  • They are a durable shoe that will easily last 500+ miles walking

Rarely are the best running shoes also good walking shoes, but that’s exactly how I feel about these models.

In fact, there are a  number of podiatrists who recommend HOKA One One shoes!

With a broad-based practice here in the Midwest, HOKA has been our go-to footgear for competitive athletes, charity runners, and exercise walkers for many years.” —  Mark Mondul – DPM, FACFS

Best Hoka Walking Shoe

Let’s start by focusing on shoes for exercise. Those days where you are aiming to get in 10,000 steps as a workout!

These are not my recommendations for hiking, but for walking around the neighborhood, the track or a non-technical gravel path.

Hoka Clifton

The Clifton is my top pick because as noted walkers don’t need quite the level of cushion as runners (though I absolutely run in this shoe!). I have run and walked in many iterations of this shoe and I like where it’s at currently!

  • Neutral shoe
  • Natural stability to prevent overpronation due to the wide base of Hoka shoes
  • Fits a wider foot (I have a narrow foot and don’t find the shoe to be sloppy)
  • 5mm heel drop
  • 7.2 oz for women’s – one of the lightest walking shoes you’ll find

See current Hoka prices at REI >>
See current Hoka Clifton prices on Amazon >>

If you see an older version that is on sale, 100% snag it! You will likely be just as happy and save some $$.

Hoka Bondi

My runner up option is another shoe that I run in, the Bondi. In fact, I’ve tested out multiple models of this shoe over the years as well too.

This shoe is MUCH MORE plush. That might feel amazing to you or you might find that you get lazy with it.

  • Neutral plush cushioned shoe (truly softest shoe I’ve ever tried on)
  • Similar fit to the Clifton
  • 4mm heel drop
  • 8.90 oz for women

See current Hoka Bondi colors and prices on Hoka >>

Compare with prices on Amazon >>

Best Hoka Shoes for Standing at Work

If you’re standing all day long you might want to consider wearing compression socks, along with finding great shoes.

The idea is something that will help you maintain good alignment so you don’t have hip, knee or back issues along with tired feet.

Hoka Work Shoes

Hoka Elevon

Designed with more support in the midfoot and forefoot, this shoe is super comfy, but provides the support that will aid your body in staying happy all day long. If your arch starts to collapse from fatigue then your body moves out of alignment, creating aches.

  • Another plush cushioned shoe, but with more extra arch support
  • Wider toebox in Hoka can help prevent bunions
  • 5mm drop
  • 9.1 oz for women’s – heavier due to the additional stability

Unlike a traditional stability shoe from other brands, these are not super hard or stiff. Another reason I like this brand!

See current Elevon colors and pricing on Hoka >>

Hoka Bondi SR

This is their slip-resistant version of that plush Bondi designed specifically for the workplace. A few upgrades on this model for work:

  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Tested on surfaces with water, oil and soap for slip-resistance
  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Neutral shoe
  • Available in white and black
  • 11.5 oz for women’s – it’s heavier than the breathable mesh version listed above for exercise

See the current Bondi SR details >>

Casual Hoka Shoes for Travel

Both David and I wear Hoka’s when we travel. It’s a shoe that can look casual, but give us the comfort we want knowing that we often crank out over 20,000 steps on vacation.

Huapana Flow

Huapana Flow in the grey is an easy casual shoe to wear with jeans, but remain comfy.

Unlike the other shoes listed I would not run or do an intense workout in these shoes, but love them for simply moving around all day doing errands or exploring and feeling comfortable.

  • The slip on I have is no longer offered, but laced versions are
  • Comes in black/grey to make it a daily shoe
  • Neutral shoe
  • Least cushioned of the shoes listed, yet still comfy
  • 5mm heel drop
  • 7.5 oz for women’s

Checkout Hoka’s Return Policy, so you can test out which shoes work for you.

As always the best walking shoes are the ones that feel good on your foot! You can find most of the models at any running store, so head in and test them out.

Trust me they want to help you and don’t care that your primary focus is walking. We know that runners need walks and that lots of us runners started as walkers!

You can take them for a walk around the block to see if there’s any discomfort and see how that eva foam midsole feels for you. Remember that even if you buy them, take them home and go for walk to discover you dislike them, YOU CAN TAKE THEM BACK!!

Whether you’ve decided to start walking to help lower your stress, work on high cholesterol or diabetes, your feet deserve good shoes!

If they feel better then you’re more likely to want to wear them and keep going.

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